Medical Malpractice Insurance Workbench

Made for professionals, by professionals.


Manage books of renewals

Review centralized data

Document renewal decisions

Act on policies, make decisions, and set renewals in one system

Claims Agent

Single window into the entire claims workflow

Submit FNOL from any device

Find claims quickly with full-text search

Guidance and reminders to set and finalize reserves


Work in one system!

Reduce redundant data entry

Send branded email from templates

Deploy and manipulate dashboards for proactive action

Create self-service, personalized reports

Accelerate Time to Close

Track Policies End-to-end

Simplify Renewals

Collaborate Seamlessly

Drive Deeper Insights


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Self-managed Insurance Claims

Get pro control throughout the claim lifecycle.

For the Claims Team

Guided intake

Claim “at a glance” on one screen

Claims workflow built in

Upload documents and add metadata

Automatic, branded email correspondence

Set default reserves

For the Business

Improve your combined ratio

Decreased claim time

Reduce costs

Retain customers

Move sustainably from legacy systems

The BuildOnMe Innovation Engine

powered by

Your Benefits

Incredible delivery speed

Coordinated requirements

Single design interface

Insurance innovation feedback loop

Standardized policy and claims

Full end-to-end insurance lifecycle

One Interface

UX Freedom and consistency

Unified Insurance Workflow

Self-Self-defined release schedule

Consolidated, on-demand reporting

Single system of engagement

Other Systems

Execute as normal

Spend less on consulting

Keep “out of box” truly out of box

Avoid version lock

Easily roll on acquisitions

Make changes in one place


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Platform Components

Everything finally in one place!

Insights you expect, and ones you haven’t been able to find


Customer Service




Risk Management

Collaborate, instead of email, with all the third parties you work with

Manage and drive your information, not just store it, with actual service level agreements

Don’t wait years only to be incrementally better…

With many current options, you’re at 4 or 5 years before you are starting to feel settled into your new systems and there will probably still be things where you say, “yeah, we need to fix this.”

Where you really haven’t changed the model for how you are delivering your services. You’re just delivering those services a little differently.

Typical Implementation

BuildOn Insurance Implementation

BuildOn Insurance Delivers Value Faster and Cheaper

No “big bang” here. We first tap into your legacy data to deliver insights you can’t easily get today, then systematically implement our platform to fully migrate your legacy stack.

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