Serve your customers better with an integrated user experience and inter-connected workflows between your internal users and the third parties you work with.

BuildOn Insurance Platform

for Medical Professional Liability Insurance


Data abnormalities

Insights you expect, and ones you haven't been able to find


Manage and drive your information, not just store it, with actual service level agreements


Insureds Defense Attorneys
Hospitals Agents Reinsurers

Collaborate, instead of email, with all of the third parties you work with

Industry best-practice workflow that is easily tailored to your specific business processes

Real-time visibility and accountability

Inter-connected workflows across underwriting, claims, accounting, customer service, and third parties

Runs on ServiceNow, a modern, adaptive, secured, cloud-based platform

In 2018, Forbes recognized ServiceNow as the Most Innovative Company, besting Tesla, Amazon, and Netflix

Over 5000 companies globally, including >75% of the Fortune 500, use ServiceNow

Connects to your legacy systems to ensure a smooth migration

Practical AI today
(e.g., AI rating)

More volume of data
= better answers for more complex questions

Typical Implementation
18 - 36 months 1

Start of implementation

Large, upfront product licensing and services implementation commitment.

End of implementation

After a lot of time and money, you may not be where you really want or need to be.

BuildOn Insurance Platform Implementation

Elaboration workshops

Months 1-2

Implement dashboards and portals

Months 2-3

Start with Claims or Underwriting

Months 3-10

Add remaining platform components

Months 11-24 2

Complete the migration

BuildOn Insurance Delivers Value Faster and Cheaper

No “big bang” here. We first tap into your legacy data to deliver insights you can’t easily get today, then systematically implement our platform to fully migrate your legacy stack.

1. If you’re lucky! There’s often at least another 15 months of stabilization.     2. Depends on the specific platform items you require.